Children’s Traffic Club’s Safety Council traffic services for all Danish children between 3 and 7 years - and their parents - to come up with the traffic club where they play themselves to be safe drivers. The tradition-rich club consists of a total of 8 physical packages that children receive in the mail on their birthdays and half-birthdays, and on the corresponding children can play and be entertained while they learn about traffic. Road Safety Council asked us the task to rethink and develop an entirely new online part to the club on over a 3-year period.

The uniqueness of this club include that besides knowing the user name example also know their birthday, zip code and gender. This provides a unique opportunity to make an intelligent child universe online that adapts to the individual child, for example by proposing games from the universe, as the child has not been through that matches the child’s temperament or such stirring the pot when the birthday is approaching itself.

We continuously develop the Children’s Traffic Club. The first version, which was launched in January 2010, contains, inter alia, six games, four video episodes and digital toys that kids can buy the apples they earn in the games and add their own profile.

The site has been nominated for the Creative Circle Award 2010.

Angel Mazarello
Fernando Piccolo
Diego Canepa
Ignacio Alles

Art equipment
Macarena Martinez
Cesar Jara
Damian Volantino
Leandro De Rissio